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Rhythm Collection Vol. II

Fascinating easy rhythms in five different uneven time signatures.
by Torsten Pfeffer
elementary - intermediate level
rhythms in basic form and variants
in five uneven meters
diverse meter division variants
clapping and counting exercises
konnakol and fingerings
staple binding
52 pages
English / German
audio & video
EUR 22,50


Free Video Examples
This volume is supplemented by 120 exclusive videos. Each rhythm is presented in its basic form and all five variants in target tempo and slow motion. They can be enabled by activation using your personal book code.
Here are three examples:

Video Rhythm in6 No.1 / Basic Form

General Information
This book focuses mainly on the subject of time signatures, its division variants and rhythmic application. Thus, the rhythms are not classified according to certain styles of music as usual but assigned to five different meters. Each meter is briefly introduced and trained by special clapping and counting exercises followed by four rhythms and its variations. A well-founded and exciting journey in the world of time signatures that will enhance the own way of playing the cajon and add to the personal musical understanding. Vol.1 and Vol.2 of the <Rhythm Collection> complement one another and should be worked on equally from the start to capture the entire spectrum of the topic.

rhythms in 3
rhythms in 5
rhythms in 7
rhythms in 9
rhythms in 11
All rhythms are designed for the Peruvian cajon type.
Author's Comment
This collection of rhythms is especially designed for cajon and its unique way of playing. However, this is not the rhythm collection you might expect since I don’t aim for cultural or music stile references. I want to focus mainly on the subject of different time signatures, its division variants and rhythmic applications. Thus, the rhythms simply illustrate the meters. All rhythms have been kept fairly simple in terms of playing technique so that they are easy to play from the start. Generally, only the three basic playing techniques bass-stroke, ton-stroke and tipp-stroke are used and only once in a while you might come across a slap-Stroke. Each rhythm is presented in its basic form and five variants that provide an insight into the modification and ornamentation of rhythms in general. The clear fingerings and the simplified rhythm-syllables of Konnakol facilitate the approach enormously. I have also included counting and clapping exercises to internalize the rhythmic feeling of each meter easily. Thus, everyone should be able to play all basic forms as well as first variations without any problems.
- Torsten Pfeffer

Verlag: KickTheFlame Publishing