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Progressive Etüden

for cajon solo and duet
by Torsten Pfeffer
intermediate - advanced level
introductive technique part
Double Stroke & Floating Hand
Finger techniques & Flams, Ruffs
20 Solo- and 10 Duo-Etudes
1 Solo and 1 Duo Concert piece
adhesive binding
120 pages, full score
English / German
EUR 22,50
"For me this volume is remarkable since it valorizes the cajon as an instrument. Anyone can do bumm-tschack – now there is something for those who want more." 
Conny Sommer, cajon-pro, Leipzig
"I am delighted by the book! I will recommend it to my advanced students and work with it in my lessons. It is a great enrichment for the percussion-literature." 
Frank Petersen, music school Petersen, Leipzig
"I can't stop myself on practicing. I'm trying to teach my students to play the ensemble piece and hope they can perform it in their concert next year." 
Margie Tong, percussionist, Hong Kong
"I am so happy to finally find a book like this. I have greatly enjoyed Conny Sommer's book, and was looking for something more formal to complement it. I am recommending this book to every other cajon player I meet!" 
Cindy Gresham, percussionist, Pasadena, Texas, USA


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General Information
Virtuoso playing-techniques, extraordinary time-signatures, new musical forms, exciting rhythm-variants and accompany-pattern for bells: with the help of the «Progressive Etüden» one's own musical knowledge and playing-skill is deepened and improved. The student is given the opportunity to enhance their musical vocabulary and hence become able to interpret music in a new exciting way. With each piece your view of the cajon as an instrument will be changed - there are so many possibilities of making music with it. Destinct fingerings for all notes as well as musical expressions facilitate the working out and sensitize for a differentiated performance. For the first time working- and performance-material for your own playing, teaching and the big stage is summed up in one volume.

The book is divided into two large parts. The first one consolidates the basic playing techniques of the cajon. Furthermore, new techniques are introduced and systematically worked out in four different meters, double stroke etudes finger etudes floating hand etudes flam / ruff etudes progressive etudes groove etudes. Part II is a collection of progressive etude like pieces that deal with multiple rhythmic and musical issues. A true challenge in terms of performance and interpretation!

Double Stroke Etudes
Finger Etudes
Floating Hand Etudes
Flam & Ruff Etudes
Summariums Etude
Progressive Etudes
Groove Etudes
20 Solo Etudes
10 Duo Etudes
Solo-Concert Etude
Duo-Concert Etude

All pieces are designed for the Peruvian cajon type. In the concert pieces a cajinto and a bass-cajon is added. The duo pieces may be performed on different cajons to achieve a clearer, transparent sound. Just give it a try and see.

Author's Comment
How far can you go on a cajon in terms of playing technique and music? Is it possible to use it in another way than just treat it as a drum set substitute? This question in mind I started to work on pieces off the mainstream that deal clearly with other matters than usually. I came up with etudes in the musical and technical sense of the term, presenting a reflection of this search of mine for new possibilities. Whether it’s a short sketch or a concertante solo part, here one can find a tremendous amount of material, perfect for those who are looking for new input and like to take the unknown road. A true challenge!
- Torsten Pfeffer -