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P-feffer P-ercussion C-ajon R-udiments
by Torsten Pfeffer
elementary - intermediate level
32 rudiments with technical variants
Double-Stroke, Floating-Hand, Finger-Stroke
staple binding
60 pages
English / German
audios & videos
EUR 17,50

General Information
An instrumental break-through! Inspired by the rudiments for snare drum, we now present rudiments especially designed and notated for cajon. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, here you will find the basics of a perfect playing technique.
Considering the peculiarities of the instrument and how it is played with hands instead of sticks, these rudiments have been designed especially for cajon player. There is hardly a better way to work that focused on the own technical skills. A gift to everyone who truly wants to become a brilliant player.

Each rudiment is first demonstrated using the Ton-Stroke. Then it is applied to various playing techniques. Clear fingerings have been defined and the rudiments have been adapted to other playing techniques such as Bass-Stroke, Knock and Finger-Stroke.
PPCR 1-6
Hand-To-Hand Rudiments
PPCR 7-10
Double-Stroke Rudiments
PPCR 11-14
Diddle Rudiments
PPCR 15-19
Triplet Rudiments
PPCR 20-24
Roll Rudiments
PPCR 25-32
Grace-Note Rudiments
All rudiments have been designed for the Peruvian cajon type. The instrument should react easily when doing Finger-Strokes, so that all patterns can be performed.
Author's Comment
A good and reliable playing technique needs a dependable fundament. The elementary basic movement combinations of the hands and fingers while playing the cajon are the keystones of this structure. Whenever a technical problem occurs it is very likely to result from a deficit in this basic structure. Thus, it is essential to strengthen this fundament in order to enhance the own playing technique.
Many idiomatic playing techniques of other instruments could flourish because its technical rudiments were extracted and issued. Following the example of the rudiments for snare drum I designed the present collection of cajon rudiments. New ones have been introduced, some left out and others adopted. The main issue has always been the question: "What rhythmic and technical elements are frequently used in cajon playing?" That implied the present systematization according to six keystones and thirty two rudiments in total.
Like everything else this present determination of cajon rudiments is just a start. For sure there will be improvements and extensions. I hope to get the ball rolling and provide a practical tool for practice that will upgrade the own playing skills.
- Torsten Pfeffer, Leipzig Germany, June 2012

Verlag: KickTheFlame Publishing