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The Beginning

The practical notation guide for the ambitious cajon player, whether beginner or advanced player!
by Torsten Pfeffer
beginner level
all important note values and notation signs
basic playing techniques in pictures
13 progressive, diversified exercises
different meters and meter-changes
56 pages
staple binding
English / German
EUR 22,50


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General Information
You play cajon and want to learn music notation? You want to write down your own rhythms and pieces but you don't know how? You want to learn more about rhythmic and music in general, you want to be creative yourself and want to enhance your own cajon playing? Then this is the perfect book for you! Step by step you will find out all you need to play from a score and notate your own music.

This volume is addressed to cajon-players who want to obtain basic knowledge and basic skills in rhythmic and would like to deepen their experiences. Basic musical terms are being explained and demonstrated. Step by step the student learns about the rules of rhythmic notation and is shown how to apply them to the four basic playing-techniques of the cajon. Furthermore, musical expressions are discussed as well as diverse time-signatures and their way of grouping. The book is completed by practice advices. Fingerings can be find throughout. That makes the access easier.

The volume is divided into three sections, each containing a theory part with brief examples and a practical part with exercises respectively etudes. All exercises are designed for the cajon and serve the targeted learning of the basic playing-techniques. Systematically one will gain a reliable solid foundation - essential for further musical development. No more knowledge gap or technical ambiguity. Become independend and capable to explore new musical material for your instrument - the cajon!

The book is divided into three progressive sections. Each of them is complemented by a practical part with small pieces.

Time Signatures (2/4, 3/4 and 4/4)
Basic Playing Techniques
How To Practice
Exercises 1-5
Advanced Meters
Short Note Values
Exercises 6-10
Meter Changes
Advanced Notation
Extented Playing Technique
Gradual Volume Change
Exercises 11-13

All exercises and pieces are written for the Peruvian cajon type.

Author's Comment
How many people have no access to music because they cannot read notes? In particular cajon players often believe that it is not necessary or even uncool to deal with music notation. I think that is a dangerous misinterpretation. I mean, why disable yourself even though it is not at all hard to learn this fairly easy, universal language. In <The Beginning> I want to address this topic and thereby open up new possibilities for the students. Systematically and as brief as possible I explain the basic rules and give some examples. In special exercises the previously learned is applied to the cajon and immediately practised. I do hope to convince the students from the opposite of their misinterpretation that disability might be a blessing. What they should shout out is: “Where the hell can I learn something?”

-Torsten Pfeffer

Verlag: KickTheFlame Publishing