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INVERS FABRIK is a small joint venture of creative heads. It sees itself as a professional production plant for conception, grafic design and interaction - in digital and analog media as well. It supervices music, culture, design and interactive media projects. For PFEFFER PERCUSSION this creative group is in charge of the complete design and its realisation for website, corporate design and all new print media of this project. The goal is to reflect the haptic feeling of playing the instruments in the overall design and choice of media.

creative idea and concept of the PFEFFER PERCUSSION project

Three main ideas determined the design of the Frame Drum Libary and the complete project:

► The haptic feeling while playing a framedrum - the velvet skin and hard frame of the intrument, the slender action of the fingers, the beating, brushing, snapping and cratching - influenced the artistic approach and choice of media. It had to be book that one would want to touch and handle with a similar lightness yet intimicy and care that is know to the instrument itself.

► The content and the design and intention of the book had to merge. Thus is, the very particular progressive character of the whole project, as an evolution of playing techniques and musical possibilities, had to be the foundation of the design. So the main motto came up  - „The Evolution of Drumming“.

► This publication had to set a mark - we want to create something of value. A product that combines true craftsmanship with high-quality material and is a work of art of its own. A book that can easily be copied but only by the loss of body. A beautifull body that one likes to look at and touch and that serves as the appropriate shell for the core. Because form is function, is content.