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The concept of Pfeffer Percussion


Pfeffer Percussion is a common work-in-progress project of the KickTheFlame music publishing in cooperation with the author and editor Torsten Pfeffer and the designers Gabriel Tecklenburg and Fabian Sachsenröder (Invers Fabrik).

The objectives of the project are as follows:

►The main focus of the project is the publication of revolutionary and comprehensive systematic text- and workbooks for percussion instruments, which have up to now not been in the focus of attention. The chosen instruments are characterized by their suitability in respect to sound and playing technique for the own instrument-specific improvement and the implication into new musical connections.

►For each instrument an own library will be created the fundament of which forms a progressive textbook or key material. On this basis step by step material shall be published from basic to advanced level in the form of rhythm and etude collections, duo and ensemble pieces as well as concert pieces.

►Students and teachers shall be provided with a working material to approximate the fascinating but by now unexploited instruments — in the classical sense — in a universal way. For the first time the development and provision of note material allows an easy distribution of the instruments and their improvement in respect to playing techniques as well as in the musical respect. It is considered a tool to teach everybody who is interested in the instruments. Thus, teachers and students are provided with a varied and comprehensive, contemporary working material.

►Instruments like frame drum, cajon and tombak are brought into the focus of attention of contemporary composers due to their sound qualities and manifold playing technical use. The present material shall be a challenge and help to involve these instruments actively into one’s own creative composition.

►We want to enhance the material by professional design and high quality handicraft (screen print). It shall be a pleasure to use it. This is our understanding of appreciation of the author, player and instrument.

Publisher and editor see themselves as initiators in this respect and have already invited composers and also other teachers as well as specialists to write material for this project. The two previous libraries for frame drum and cajon shall be extended in the following years by two further ones for tombak and riq. Furthermore, an organic branch shall be initiated to make scientific works accessible and thus providing background and specific knowledge to everybody who is interested.

The Evolution of Drumming

Organic project form
The above mentioned objectives are the explanation of the motto. The whole project is organic and in ongoing development. It started by writing the first exercise and develops with each note written, canceled and regained to be finally published for this project. Amendments and improvement are the main part of our work. Only what stands the test shall persist.

Student development
Another aspect of the motto is the development of the students. Positive influence and the necessary tools are essential for their development. It is this, what we want to create and we hope to provide the essential input.

Appreciation of the instruments
Last but not least!!! Fascination and love to music and to these instruments unite all those who participate in this project. Our engagement in this project shall promote the distribution and development of these instruments – that's what we want!